Imminent Eradication

Present is operative VRR-009, initiating phase one of the inquiry into the terrestrial being detailed in the HOMOSAPIEN Profile received precisely at Ventir 071:319 from lieutenant GFA-100. The duty of surveilling familial unit WHITE was delegated to operative VRR-009, and the following comprehensive report is a chronological account of aforementioned observation.

Familial unit WHITE’s leader according to personal notes and letters – all evidence of which has been included and is attached in the form of Stor-Epp chip on the back of this memo – is called Barrett. Consistent with Syn-R-chron analysis, the beginning of Barrett occurred at approximately Nafpi 201:521, or 30 of this planet’s “years” and during that time he acquired a reproductive mate and a clutch of three offspring. Offspring were absent at the time of operative VRR-009’s investigation, however.

Upon entering the headquarters of familial unit WHITE, operative VRR-009’s upgraded exotech was set to mimic that of Canis lupus familiarus, a common entity in the headquarters of the occupied planet. However due to an unfamiliar urge to empty its pristine transistor tube, operate VRR-009’s exotech was damaged beyond repair, resulting in the operative resorting to its Enerboard’s camouflage core to carry out the mission.

Familiar unit WHITE’s leader, Barrett, was observed during the period of 029:012 to 029:014, translating to three “hour” span before the rise of the planet’s singular cosmic heating unit. Details exogenous to the observation, listed in the Perfile, included details of Barrett’s work as a corrector of motorized metal boxes at a failing repair factory. Specifics regarding the correction work are not reported in this document, as the action was deemed insignificant to the master mission set by the Broodmaster.

At the close of the planet’s lunar cycle, Barrett and its reproductive partner are set to resting mode on a thick cushion. As a priority under the Perfile, operative VRR-009 set to test the sustainability of the enemy being’s exotech; the results are alarming at the very least. After prodding the spongy, pigmented exotech with its flexible appendage, operative proceeded to test the ‘tech’s temperature resistance, starting with warmth. Operative heated its Ignotor-500 unit to 250 degrees, as requested, and again prodded the resting leader. Apparently, this being’s exotech is not as durable as once believed, as instantly Barrett’s systems booted up, and it broadcasted a sharp clatter from its alleged feeding hole. As suspected, the sound interrupted operative VRR-009’s camouflauge Enerboard core, leaving the soldier exposed, resulting in a prolonged, louder transmission and finally a strong blow to the cranial sphere.

The blow only rendered operative VRR-009 inoperable for mere moments, as it has been updated with the most recent GUERILLA software appropriated from the investigated beings’ military element, and it was able to proceed to step two of the exotech assessment.

Operative VRR-009 is unhappy to report that the WHITE familial unit leader, Barrett’s exotech failed during the second test, which sought to observe the ‘tech’s force resistance. In Barrett and its reproductive partner’s attempt to exit the resting chamber the operative launched a single, sharpened metal piece at each being, resulting in a loss of life in Barrett, and severely wounding the reproductive partner, who later joined Barrett in passing.

Overall, this species is entirely inept pertaining to a war against our greater technology. Operative VRR-009 would advise the lieutenant that, although operative believes an attack would be successful, more investigation is needed regarding the battle tactics and attack-oriented technology this species keeps hidden. Furthermore, it would recommend directing focus away from minor weaklings, and conduct a deep study involving other qualified soldiers into the planet’s superior frontrunners’ combat strategies.

This is operative VRR-009, signing out and awaiting new orders from the Broodmaster.

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