Battle Tactics

Gregory was at war with the crimson army.

“Guys, we’re under attack!” he exclaimed, darting towards the kitchen. “Get off your asses! I can’t take all of them by myself!”

Six red warriors buzzed around the room, each spitting incomprehensible incantations at the residents. Gregory couldn’t understand why his friends were still on the couch and not gunning for the door or taking them on as he was. This was the second attack of the day, and even though he prevailed before, the battle would be lost if he had to face them alone again.

One of them bit his neck; another ran its claws across his face.

Gregory ran to the other side of the room, trying to shake a few of the bastards off his back; he felt their pointy fingers digging into the nape of his neck. He was about to shout for help when he noticed the living room windows turn red – it wouldn’t be long before the crimson cloud occupied the house.

“Stephen, grab baby Lillian and get the rest of the family away from here! If you leave through the front door now, you might escape with your lives!”

His friends still acted as if there wasn’t an ominous force pent on killing them all – or worse: they could be forced into slavery for the evil Crimson King. The thought made Gregory shiver with fear, but what could he do if they weren’t willing to save themselves?

“I will never give up on you all, even if you find amusement in my pain and your impending doom! I will die before I let them touch any one of you,” he hissed, stomping at a few downed soldiers. There were two left, but all effort would be deemed worthless when hundreds of thousands more usher through the back door. Gregory scurried upstairs, hoping his pursuers would follow and his friends could devise a defense strategy.

Fighting back tears from laughing hysterically, Stephen was the first to speak. “Damn, Bethany, your cat is so insane! You’d think he was being attacked by a monster or something.”

“If you think this is funny, just wait until I give him this cat nip treat,” Bethany retorted, revealing a white plastic bag from her purse.

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