He was the lingering presence in the back of the room, seldom noticed but often felt. The others were beneath him, so why, he asked, should he associate with such scum? While everyone was racing to discover themselves, to find the key to the padlock on the door to the rest of their life, he sat in the dimly-lit side of the room cocky and uncomfortable.

He had it all, yet it wasn’t enough. What he couldn’t get on his own he could obtain by exploiting his friends and family. Wealth, fame, and lasting friendships were what he longed for – but each always seemed to be just out of reach.

“It’ll only take me one more day,” he said. “It’s only a matter of time.”

But years passed and he had yet to see the finish line, the day he’d be able to call it quits on everything he’s worked for and retreat into darker, lonelier wretches of the world. He expected everything to magically fall into place – he hadn’t planned to actually have to work for the achievement. Nevertheless, here he was at a point lower than he was before and his confidence even lower.

Eventually the last of his light turned to blistering darkness, his surefire morals becoming twisted and confused. The few bonds he shared with others grew thin before withering away, that aura of prestige he so valued decimated.

He once had everything he ever wanted; unfortunately, he was too blind to realize it until it was already spent.

8 thoughts on “Testament

  1. I’m not entirely sure if he’s just been entitled or if he’s a sociopath. I’m betting on the latter, given the way he tends to treat others…but, then again, the fact he wanted a lasting friendship would state otherwise. So perhaps just someone who’s overly ambitious to the point of not understanding that the good things in life are often the things that remain unseen.

    I like it, regardless.

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    1. To be honest, you’re probably right! Regardless, this guy needs some help. Lol. This is a piece I wrote for a creative writing class a couple years ago. It was buried deep within my cluttered files, and I resurrected it. I’m glad you liked it! The narrator is a little bit of a person I knew and some extreme characteristics here and there to make it fiction. 😉

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      1. Understandable. I took Creative Writing in college, and the one thing my professor taught us is that the best inspiration can be drawn from things that are already around us.

        It could be an event we’ve witnessed or a person we knew. I think it helps make it more life-life, in a way. By drawing on real life experiences, we are also able to connect to our readers.

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      2. So true! Though I was only in that class a few weeks before I switched out of the arts and into business, this was something I learned that can be applied to anything in life – especially our writing. Sometimes it’s fun to take a break from the far-out fiction and write about something that’s close to us, something with which we’re familiar. Everything deserves the spotlight every once in a while. 😊

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