Interjection #2

Okay, so today marks the second week of EDAtM, and I have a few updates.

First, we’re just around 50 shy of 1,000 page views. It’s just a number, I know, but I never considered my work getting so much praise and inspiring so many friendships and conversations. A thousand views is something I never considered achieving in the first month, let alone the second week. This is momentous, and I plan to make it up to you all in the form of new stories and projects!

As I mentioned in my About page, I’m planning to release a collection of short stories this year. The collection will be called Masquerade and is the inspiration of this blog in its entirety. (Fact: the name of this blog was actually the title I initially planned for the collection, but I’ve slimmed it down for simplicity’s sake.) It will consist of 10 stories drawn from those posted on EDAtM. These chosen ten, 500-1,000 word posts will be expanded (some rewritten to flow with a more developed plot) into full-length 5,000+ word stories.

As of this posting, there are 48 individual short stories available to read on this blog, so selecting the 10 that’ll be included in the collection is going to be a difficult task. (I actually only really like one of my stories. The more I reread the others, the less I like them. Hence my decision to rewrite a few of them in the collection! Guess we’re all our own worst critic, right?) I will be taking into account each post’s views, likes, and comments both on Twitter (link to my account is in my About page) and on my blog as well as my own personal preference in order to make the decision. So if you have a personal favorite that you’d like to see featured in Masquerade, say so in the comments! Otherwise I’ll have to select them by myself. 😉

I will publish Masquerade through Amazon, and, while this is a WIP deadline, it’ll be available for digital download in April.
That’s not all I have for you tonight, though! At 6am Central Time, I am going to post the first of my serial, Devils Dance. Every chapter thereafter will be released Thursdays at 4pm (I have issues rescheduling posts on my phone, which is why the first installation is at 6 rather than the afternoon), so be looking for those! Devils Dance is an idea I’ve had for a long time, but felt it wasn’t appropriate as a novel and there’s too much story to tell as a simple stand-alone post, so a serial was the best medium for the crazy story — plus, serials are fun!

This really is future-looking, but I’ve also got a couple books in the works, the first of which you should see this Fall; the other in early 2018. As the release gets closer, you can expect some little teasers and contests. 😉

I hope you’ve enjoyed the fiction so far! There is certainly a lot to look forward to this year (and I better get to work!). Thank you all for reading and for the continued support. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Kind Regards,


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