[10/3/12 11:20:42 PM]Aaron0910: Wassup

[10/3/12 11:24:15 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: Oh hey. Nm jus hw 😛
[10/3/12 11:24:34 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: …hbu?

[10/3/12 11:25:26 PM]Aaron0910: fun fun. just in bed. Bored
[10/3/12 11:25:50 PM]Aaron0910: name’s aaron btw

[10/3/12 11:26:14 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: I gathered that much lmao. I’m Natalie.

[10/3/12 11:27:08 PM]Aaron0910: Ur profile pic is cute. Where u at n it?

[10/3/12 11:28:49 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: Thx 🙂 That was in Barcelona over the summer. Have you been there?

[10/3/12 11:29:02 PM]Aaron0910: Lmao no way. Parents could never afford that. We do go to the pool p much everyday tho.

[10/3/12 11:29:31 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: Nice! I love swimming. I’m on the team at my hs.

[10/3/12 11:29:37 PM]Aaron0910: U any good?

[10/3/12 11:30:24 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: Not 1 to brag, but yeah haha.

[10/3/12 11:32:09 PM]Aaron0910: Got any mor pics?

[10/3/12 11:33:19 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: Ofc. But you gotta send 1 first. Idk what u even look like

[10/3/12 11:34:54 PM]Aaron0910: Sure sure. Ill send it thru pm. Don’t trust these public servers.

[10/3/12 11:35:17 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: Ok… lol I doubt it would make a diff. Got somethin to hide? 😉
[10/3/12 11:38:08 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: Damnnnnn! Ur hot!!!

[10/3/12 11:39:44 PM]Aaron0910: 🙂 Thx. I workout aferskool.
[10/3/12 11:40:04 PM]Aaron0910: 🙂 Now u. Send pm

[10/3/12 11:41:25PM]CaliGrlxoxo: Sent! The first one is me and my puppy Damien. You can just ignore that other girl in the pic, it’s my little sis lol
[10/3/12 11:41:50PM]CaliGrlxoxo: nd the last one is me with my best friend N’vara. She was a transfer student from inaid. She moved bck tho 😦 Oh and ignore tht ugly kid in the back.
[10/3/12 11:42:11PM]CaliGrlxoxo: *India. Sry. Sometimes I go 2 fast lol

[10/3/12 11:43:57 PM]Aaron0910: haha ur so cute. And what ugly kid?

[10/3/12 11:45:01PM]CaliGrlxoxo: The one making the weird bug eyes behind me and N’vara. His name is Kevin and he’s SO feckng annoying. I bet if he was sent off to India in N’vara’s place, no one wuld notice or care. He’s that bad. Haha.
[10/3/12 11:55:37 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: u there?

[10/3/12 11:58:28 PM]Aaron0910: ya

[10/3/12 11:55:37 PM]CaliGrlxoxo: good like omg so I guess there was this person at the door nd my dad was talking to him. Idk what for tho. Then there was a loud noise, but it prob was my little sis jumping on her bed like usual…

[10/4/12 12:07:21 AM]Aaron0910: jus sent another pic. Ull like this 1 😉

[10/4/12 12:10:27 AM]CaliGrlxoxo: Oh? 😉 Imma go check it out!
[10/4/12 12:15:42 AM]CaliGrlxoxo: wtf? How’d you get a pic of kev? Looks like a selfie?
[10/4/12 12:16:02 AM]CaliGrlxoxo: omg that looks like my house in the back

[10/4/12 12:18:53 AM]Aaron0910: haha ya it is. Its my profile pic now. surprise.

[10/4/12 12:19:34 AM]CaliGrlxoxo: lol now ur rly scaring me. Is this a joke?

[10/4/12 12:20:04 AM]Aaron0910: all I wanted was to talk to u but u ignore me at school so I thought youd give me a chance on here. And u did for a little while

[10/4/12 12:19:34 AM]CaliGrlxoxo: kevin u psycho!
[10/4/12 12:19:56 AM]CaliGrlxoxo: wait… how’d you find out where I live?
[10/4/12 12:20:17 AM]CaliGrlxoxo: kevin
[10/4/12 12:20:40 AM]CaliGrlxoxo: answer me
[10/4/12 12:21:15 AM]CaliGrlxoxo: hello?

[10/4/12 12:22:12 AM]Aaron0910: go downstairs and ill show u
[10/4/12 12:22:26 AM]Aaron0910: ur dad wont bother us now I promise 😉
[10/4/12 12:22:54 AM]Aaron0901: ok I’m coming up now. Ur taking too long

<chat recipient CaliGrlxoxo has left the chat>

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