Interjection #3

It certainly has been an eventful past three weeks since the start of EDatM. I want to start this weekly update with an apology for the lack of posts yesterday and the day before, as I was visiting family and forgot to schedule stories for the two days! For some reason I had it in my head that I was going to somehow use my phone to make the posts, but the stories are all saved on my computer — I have no idea what I was thinking.

Today I published the second installment of my first flash serial, Devils Dance (tell me what direction you see it going in the comments!!). While it does not seem like it now, the two murders are linked in a manner besides the eerie, strange suicide song. Next week’s installment will shed some light on the story — it’s not just a collection of killings, I assure you! 😉

Lastly I’d like to update you all on my short story collection, Masquerade, I will be self-publishing (which I alluded to in Interjection #2). Before, I wanted to take 10 of my short stories I post on this blog and further expand upon them; however, what I’ve decided is to heavily edit the bulk of the stories already posted here – maybe add some details here and there – and self-publish that on Amazon and distribute it for a very cheap price. I’ve been reading many other blogs and decided that that will be the best route for Masquerade. This way I can focus on getting my debut novel, The Beast of Easten, written (I’ve got a nice chunk of the first draft completed already).

To make up for this  change — since I did promise a few of you a follow-up to some of my more… opaque and/or interesting storylines — I’ll just do extra installments! If you find a story you’d like to see expanded, say so in the comments of that story, and I will do my best to write a second part to it!

Thank you all for your continued interest and reading! You all are my motivation and inspiration.



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