Interjection #4

One Thousand Likes! 1,000. And just in time for EDaTM’s first month anniversary! Thank you all so much. I say it often, but it’s never enough. 

This week, besides editing the manuscript for my short story collection, Masquerade, I have tried to spread my literary wings and delve into other forms of writing, most notably poetry, as you may have noticed with My Home, the Hornet’s Nest, Voltage, and Bloodline. I am constantly amazed by the poets I follow on WordPress, so naturally I wanted to give it a go. (You can rest assured that I don’t plan to ditch flash fiction to pursue a life of poetry. I’ll leave that to those who actually have a knack for the art. πŸ˜‰)

Depending on how quick this migraine goes away, you may see the third chapter of Devils Dance tonight — if not tonight, definitely tomorrow. And Red Rain’s finale will be up this weekend sometime. Let me know if there are any other stories for which you’d like to see some sequels! If it wasn’t for Big K (Kirascribbled — an amazing fellow writer with whom I have some amazing comment convos, check her out), I wouldn’t have expanded We All Float On, which has become a piece of which I am very proud.

Thank you all for your continued readership, and stay tuned for new stories and updates!
Best Wishes,


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