An Update

Hi! Long time no see! I’d like to tell you all that I’ve spent this hiatus typing pages of awesome, new stories to post here, but I’d be lying… 😛 I’ve been working and sleeping, but mostly working — my apologies!

I’d like to announce that my hiatus is over, and I’m excited to start sharing more entries to this massive new series I’ve started (Incubus, read the first chapter here). It’s a tale I wanted to tell for a while, and it’s definitely a puzzle of events spanning centuries that I’m sure you’ll have fun unscrambling as I continue posting the chapters.

The next chapter of Incubus will be posted tomorrow around this time, so be looking for it! And who knows? I might just throw a poem or two, or a new flash fic, in there to make up for my disappearance. 😉

Thank you for your continued interest and readership in EDATM! I appreciate and love you all.


Until tomorrow,



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